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Industries in general and chemical industries in particular experience various kinds of corrosion problems. In order to control corrosion in these industries, a multi facet approach is required. Though the systems cannot eliminate corrosion completely in all the cases it can be reduced to very low level.

Concrete and other general construction materials are not suitable for Acids and other corrosive conditions. While using in these conditions it shall be effectively protected. One of the widely adopted technique is corrosion proof Brick Lining in addition to Monolithic Lining and Coatings. The Brick Lining Consists of setting the Acid Proof Bricks with special cement bedding and jointing. The Monolithic Linings are generally based on Epoxy and Modified Phenolic which are applied as jointless plaster over the substrate.
The various products manufactured by Corosynth Services consist of special corrosion proof cements, Bitumen primer, Acid Proof Bitumen Mastic, Epoxy, Coaltar Epoxy and Modified Phenolic Screeding compounds and corrosion proof paints.
ACICEM : ACICEMS are Acid Proof silicate cements. ACICEM-P is Potassium silicate based cement and ACICEM-S is Sodium silicate based cement. ACICEMS are normally used as bedding cements for Acid Proof Brick Lining. ACICEMS can stand all Acids except Hydrofluoric Acid. Out of the two grades ACICEM-P is best recommended for Sulphuric Acid conditions. ACICEMS are not suitable of alkalies and solutions of PH more than 4.0.ACICEMS conform to IS 4832(Part I).
FUROCEM : FUROCEMS are Furane Resin cements conforming to IS 4832 (Part II). FUROCEM can stand mixed acid and alkaline conditions. FUROCEM is not suitable for Nitric acid and higher concentration of sulphuric acid.  FUROCEM can stand various solvent conditions. FUROCEM –P is the regular grade and unsuited to Hydrofluoric acid. FUROCEM-HF is carbon filled and recommended for Hydofluoric acid in addition to the above. FUROCEM-SPLD is a high strength grade capable of with standing abrasion and erosion.
EPOCEM : EPOCEM is Epoxy resin cement conforming to IS 4832 (Part II). EPOCEM is compartively very high in strength and adhesion over the other resin cements. EPOCEM can stand wide variation of PH but unsuited to Oxidising Acids like Nitric Acid, Chromic Acid etc. However it can stand variety of solvents except Ketones. Because of the high adhesive strength and low shrinkage, EPOCEM is recommended for bedding and pointing for various kind of Tiles

POLYCEM : POLYCEM is polyester resin based cement finding its use as a pointing cement. This is conforming to IS 4832 (Part II). POLYCEM-I is acid proof and can stand wide various of PH. In addition POLYCEM –B can stand various solvents. POLYCEMS have high strength characteristics.

CARBOCEM : CARBOCEM is carbon filled modified phenolic resin cement. Carbocem withsands a wide variation of PH. It resists almost all oxidizing acids and alkalies of high concentration. It is not suitable to solvents. Carbocem is best recommended for battery storage areas and locations exposed to combination of acids and alkalies. It is also recommended for fertilizer units handling a lot of Phosphoric and Sulphuric acids.
CACICEM : CACICEMS are Phenolic cements conforming to IS 4832 (Part II). CACICEM_P is suitable to all kinds of acids except Hydrofluoric Acid and high concentration of Nitric acid.

CACICEM-SA is suitable for acids and also low concentration of alkalies.      CACICEM-SPL with stands all acids including HF , alkalies and various solvents.
CASHEWCEM : CASHEWCEM is the natural resin based cement derived from Cashewnet shell liquid. CASHEWCEM is suitable for wide PH variation. This can stand even Nitric Acid upt 10% and Sulphuric Acid upto 70%. It cannot stand solvents of any concentration. Unlike other cements, CASHEWCEM sets slowly especially in cooler climates. CASHEWCEM is used as pointing cement in general and as bedding and pointing cement for selected conditions. 
THIOCEM : THIOCEM is Sulphur cement conforming to IS 4832 (Part III). It is a single component system melting at 130c – 140c and applied as a free flowing liquid. When cooled it sets as hard impermeable solid. THIOCEM-A is Acid proof Sulphur cement which can stand all Acids. It is not suitable to alkalies and solvents. THIOCEM-I is the insulation grade of Sulphur cement used as bonding agent for electrical insulation wares.      

TARLIC : A Bitumen paint as per IS 158 Type – 2 used extensively as primer before doing Mastic and Acid Proof Lining. TARLIC finds use as temporary and economical system for corrosion protection of steel and concrete structure. However TARLAC is not suitable for surface exposed to sun

EPOLAC : EPOLAC is pure Epoxy coating system and is ideal for coating structures exposed to Acid and solvent fumes. This system is weather proof and exhibit high adhesion strength to wide variety of substrates.
EPOTARLIC : EPOTARLIC is a coaltar Epoxy based system. It is a cheaper substitute to pure Epoxy system. It exhibits the same kind of adhesive properties and weather resistance as that of EPOLAC. However it can not stand solvents of any concentration   
EPOTARPLAST : EPOTARPLAST is a coaltar Epoxy screed and it exhibits the same characteristics as Epoxy Screed but it is not resistant to solvents. This a cheaper substitute to Epoxy Screeding and occasionally finds its use as a screeding system in floors and factory Gangways. 
COROPLAST : COROPLAST is cashewnut shell liquid based screeding system finding use as an impermeable membrane while laying AR Brick lining. Since COROPLAST is a thermosetting system it withstands higher temperature than Mastics and also resists strong oxidizing acids. A 5-6 mm thick membrane is recommended for floors and drains and 10 mm for tanks.
MASTICS : MASTICS are Bitumen products used as a membrane for Acid Proof Brick Lining. Occasionally some grade of MASTICS are used as exposed lining also. MASTICS 100 is an Acid Proof Bitumen Mastic. MASTICS 200 is heavy duty Acid Proof Bitumen Mastic used in factory Gangways for light traffic. MASTICS 300 is a special grade of Bitumen Mastic suitable for ceilings. MASTICS 400 is an antistatic and Electrically conducting Bitumen Mastic finding use in explosive manufacturing industries.    

EPOPLACT : EPOPLACT is a solventless Epoxy Screeding. This system is Acid , Alkali and solvent proof. However it is not suitable for Oxidising Acids like Nitric Acid and high concentration of sulphuric Acid. This system exhibits a high adhesive strength to various substrates with high strength characteristics and good abrasion resistance. This is applied a 3-6 mm layer.
CORBOPLAST : CORBOPLAST   is a Carbon filled modified phenolic based . screedling system. This is finding extensive use for wider variation of PH at ambient temperature. This can not stand thermal shocks. This is applied as 5-6mm thick screed on steel and cement surfaces.
TEXSCREED : TEXSCREED is a synthetic latex based screeding system. With the gauging water partly replaced with Texscreed emulsion in the Portland cement sand mix there is a remarkable improvement in the properties of the plaster. The resultant plaster has reduced permeability, improved abrasion and chemical resistance and chemical resistance and excellent slip resistance.
All the raw -materials and products undergo testing strictly as per Standards. COROSYNTH SERVICES are fully equipped to test all the properties as enlisted in the standards in the attached and structural laboratory at their factory.
This folder given an idea of the regular products manufactured by COROSYNTH SERVICES. With more than three decades experience in the field, COROSYNTH SERVICES are constantly trying to bring out the best answer for a particular condition. Hence to get best results, the side conditions be informed in detail. From the available list of products COROSYNTH SERVICES will recommend the most economical and the best specification. Products with slight modifications from the standard one can also be tailor-made to the suit the end use.
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